⟿ is the publication platform of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. YellowPress lends its services to other researchers and/or platforms. It also studies new publication forms for artistic research in the current media landscape. The name YellowPress is an allusion to so-called Yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is characterized by misleading news, sensationalist pictures, screaming headlines and strong sympathy for the underdog. With an ironic wink to this trivial form of journalism, YellowPress wishes to take the attitude of the professional dilettante — between professional and amateur — as its starting point.

The YellowPress Periodical

⟿ developed out of a growing need and desire to make the multifaceted research culture of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp accessible to a wide audience, both within the school community and beyond. The notion of ‘research culture’ can be interpreted quite loosely. It involves larger research projects financed by St Lucas as well as individual research practices or research conducted by students in the context of their final Bachelor’s or Master’s project. The YellowPress Periodical wishes to bring these practices together, without any hierarchy or a predefined format. It seeks to offer a forum for the field of artistic research, which is averse to categories and continuously reinvents and reorients itself.

→ Editorial board: Thomas Crombez, Caroline Dumalin, Ward Heirwegh, Adinda Van Geystelen, Jozefien Van Beek, Hilde Van Pelt (The editorial board is responsible for the composition of each periodical.)
→ Chief editor TYPP#5: Jozefien Van Beek
→ Chief editor TYPP#1—#4: Kim Gorus
→ Graphic design: Ward Heirwegh
→ Publisher: Karel de Grote University College / St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp
→ YellowPress founder: Hugo Puttaert
→ ISSN: 0770-7819


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Contributions by: Dirk De Backer (‘Je penserai toujours à toi’ Congo + Suprematisme), Marc Nagtzaam (The Aesthetic of the Fragment), Wesley Meuris (Research Building) and Afterschool (Make Me (    )).

→ 170 x 240 mm, 72 pages
→ Presented on: Thursday 23.10 (18u) at ShowROOM, Antwerp.
→ Exhibition Slowly Installing Opacity (a project of the students from the bachelorclass Horizontal Drawing, within the framework of The Big Draw.)



Contributions by: Karen Vermeren & Elke Couchez (A Deep Sense of Place: Unfolding Karen Vermeren’s Bárðarbunga), Octave Vandeweghe (Socially-engaged and Community-involved Jewellery Projects), Thomas Verstraeten & Kim Gorus (Bad artists copy; Good artists steal), Pieter Vermeulen & Ward Heirwegh (The Cloud of Unknowing or WTF happened to artistic research?) and Christophe Clarijs (The Subversive Form). Every copy contains 2 editions (out of a series of 4) of silkscreen-reprints from Bárðarbunga by Karen Vermeren.

→ 200 x 280 mm, 88 pages
→ Presented on: Thursday 24.02.2016 (18u) at ExtraCity, Antwerp
→ Exhibition Bárðarbunga (Karen Vermeren), The Methods of Nonviolent Action (Christophe Clarijs) and a lecture-performance by Pieter Vermeulen.



Contributions by: An Onghena & Hanne Van Dyck (Blacking Out on Black Holes), Ilse Van Rijn (Writing Wanderlines), Wendy Morris (Off by Heart and Out of Breath — A Wandergram for a Lecture), Yvonne Lake (The Uncanny Bard and the Freudian Robot), Thomas Crombez’s Over the Serif (Katrien Van Haute on Lee Kit: Never, Michel Van Beirendonck on Four Movements to the music of steve reich, Ward Heirwegh on Harmony Korine: Trash Humpers, Kristof Van Gansen on De Adelaar van Benidorm, Thomas Crombez on De Canon: de 50+1 mooiste Literaire Werken uit de Nederlanden)

→ 145 x 225 mm, 112 pages
→ Presented on: Thursday 15.07.2017 (18u) at ExtraCity, Antwerp
Black Drinks by Hanne Van Dyck,  Black Hole prints by An Onghena, Inter City: Alternative Acts (the end-of-year exhibition of the Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Master)



Contributions by: Arpaïs Du Bois (Ma belle saison sous le poirier de Vincent), Elena Op ’t Eynde & Dexian Feng (Greta M.), Saddie Choua (#Episode 3—I swear by God Almighty, I say the truth and nothing but the truth), Johan Grimonprez in conversation with Petra Van Brabandt about Shadow World and Sarah Hendrickx (5 ways to make happier artists)

→ 315 x 240 mm, 160 pages
→ Presented on: Thursday 1.03.2018 (19u) at ExtraCity, Antwerp
Ma belle saison chez Vincent by Arpaïs DuBois, selection of books curated by Elena Op ‘t Eynde & Dexian Feng, screening of the video # Episode 3—I swear by God Almighty, I say the truth and nothing but the truth by Saddie Choua and the videos Raymond Tallis | On Tickling, Every Day Words Disappear and kiss-o-drome by Johan Grimonprez